How to handle the world, home and outside to Prevent Corona virus from infecting you?

01/01/2021 10:42 AM Comment(s) By developer2

How to handle the world, home and outside to Prevent Corona from infecting you?

We have some good news about the corona virus treatments and developments even though we have been talking about the effectiveness of Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine the recent data supporting these medications has been increasing. 

A study from China and it’s a powerful study in terms of how it was done. A double-blinded randomized controlled study with a small sample of 62 patients with COVID-19 infection, divided into 2 groups one with no Hydroxychloroquine (HC) and the other half treated HC for 5 days. Patients who took the medication, none of them died and were almost cured after 5 days of medication. But in those who did not take medications four of them died, additionally, pneumonia caused by this virus was significant as confirmed by CT scans. The potential benefits of this medication has been expressed by some other unpublished experiences from the different doctors.  The mechanism of action seems to be at different levels by preventing viral RNA replication, viral particle transport, and assembly, and by lowering the pH or acidification of the surface of the cell membrane these medications prevent the virus from surging. These medications also have some side effects particularly causing some cardiac arrhythmias by QT interval prolongation and also a risk of retinal damage so this cannot be taken very lightly unless it is indicated with COVID virus infection patients, also as prevention to health care professionals. There is no need to take this medication for more than five days. Do not make it available by bulk buying and stocking. It is totally unnecessary and you may harm others who need it by these unethical practices. This is very important that every one of us has access to this medication when we need it.

Another good news is that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially authorized Doctors to prescribe those medications to be used for COVID-19 infections as indicated.

Corona virus mask or no mask

There have been questions about the use of a mask routinely by every individual. Wearing a mask seems to be particularly important when you’re not at home, when you are in a public area, using public transportation or when you go to a hospital. 

Also very important is how to handle the mask after wearingdo not touch. If you do touch inadvertently or adjust it, then clean your hands with sanitizer or wash again. When you remove it, start by removing from ear stings, but Do not touch the center part or fold the outside part (the side facing the world) inwards, discard or place in a bag if you reuse it, then wash your hands.

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